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Friday, January 15, 2010

Help? Anyone?

So, my day job involves building, scaling, managing, tuning, tweaking, coding, breaking, fixing, and generally running the high availability clusters for Web.com.

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on finally getting FastCGI running on our cluster.  As part of that, I'm just about to deploy virtualenv & setuptools across the web and customer access SSH farms.  Assuming I know what I'm doing, end-users should now be able to run utilities such as Django, Pylons, and TurboGears via FastCGI/WSGI on our distributed Linux-based hosting platform.

I could really use a volunteer or three to test it out once it goes live.  Nothing big, just spend 30 minutes or so and throw up a quick example site and drop me a line if you see something goofy.  Anyone interested?


Jason Noble said...

Where's the rails support? :)

Jeff McNeil said...

Probably not far off... RHEL & Ruby versioning issues to get around.

GJ said...

Do you need to be an existing web.com customer? If not, then I'll volunteer for checking out a Pylons deployment.

Jeff McNeil said...

No, don't need to be an existing customer. Drop me a line via email at jmcneil@web.com. Once I get the environments setup, I'll create accounts. Thanks!

GJ said...

++ Drop me a line via email

Easier said than done, web.com's anti-spam rejected my PGP-signed message because:

++ The message from (xxx) with the subject of (Volunteering) matches a profile the Internet community may consider spam.

PGP-signed content has a spam-matching profile?

Anyway, you have my gmail address.

Jeff McNeil said...

Ak... actually, it didn't give me your address. Try blog@jmcneil.net?